The Master Baker

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The Master Baker

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Breads - we do a range of different breads

White - Brown - Wholemeal – Multigrain - Farmhouse - Bloomer

Polish - French Sticks


Speciality Breads

Soda Bread - Walnut Sultana - Corn Bread - Spelt Bread



Crusty - Finger - Bridge - Cibatta - Brown - Baps




Focaccia - Pasties (meat, cheese and onion, cheese and bacon)

Sausage rolls, Pizza (cheese, cheese ham and pepporoni


Danish (apple, almond, cherry), Belgium Bun, Apple Doughnut, Apple Doughnut, Iced Apple Doughnut, Jam Doughnut, White Iced Doughnut, Choclate Iced Doughnut, Sugared Doughnut, Chelsea Bun, Fruit Bun, White Iced Bun, Choclate Iced Bun, Fruit Scone, Plain Scone, Bread Pudding, Small Apple Pies, Eccles Cake, Viennese, Brownie, Macaroon, Apple Strudle, Apple Square, Fresh Cream Cakes, Fruit Loaf, Victoria Bun Round, Lardy Cake, Large Apple Pie, Jam Swiss Roll, Choclate Swiss Roll, Farmhouse Cake, Almond Croissants, Chochlate Croissants, Cannoli

Celebration Cakes

Celebration cakes available made to order

Please call in to order in advance on any item